I wanted to see how traditional credit scores are coming to DeFi today. The challenge with DeFi today is that almost nobody outside the ecosystem can use it. Individuals without tokens cannot deposit collateral and thus cannot get a line of credit. Similarly, those without digital assets cannot offer it…

Note : If I were to be idealistic, I’d likely have only DAI in this data-set. However, markets don’t really care about my idealism. As much as there is controversy around USDT today — fact remains that it is a crucial component of the stablecoin ecosystem. I would appreciate it…

Blockchain Founders Raise over $822 million by Q2

Despite several strong indicators in both network activity and user growth price continues to lag well behind the highs of 2017–18. The ecosystem is more robust and becoming increasingly professionalised with several new institutional participants

All on-chain indicators hint at what is about to come

Markets and the weather hold one common attribute — they function in cycles. The token…

Joel John

Principal at LedgerPrime.

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